Workplace challenges

Workplace challenges

Workplace is the most important part of our life as that is where we spend very high number of years of our life. Just as the work gives us livelihood through material comforts and life pleasure, it also has the potential to become our adversary if things go haywire and not to our liking.

The most shocking statistics that has come out in a survey conducted by Gallup International way back in 2012 reflects a grim situation in this area. The results of this survey conducted in 142 countries gave a staggering figure of 87% of people surveyed either did not like their current workplace or absolutely hated it. Only 13% were thoroughly enjoying their work (source: Page No. 64, book Lost Connections by Johann Hari).

Working bullying, harassment, and stagnant professional life in addition to workplace politics has made many of today’s workplaces very stressful, thereby affecting the quality of life. The bottom line is that in majority of these instances, the circumstances are out of our control and hence we suffer a lot, both mentally and physically.

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