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Workplace is the most important part of our life. We a very long time in life to work at a place which gives the best of both worlds. Just as the work gives us livelihood through material comforts and life pleasure, it also has the potential to become our adversary if things go haywire and not to our liking.

Workplace challenges can appear in various forms. Some of the important ones can be as mentioned below.

  1. Bullying and harassment.
  2. Discrimination.
  3. Favouritism.
  4. Stagnant career.
  5. No wage growth.

These are only some of the issues, but the list can be much bigger based on one’s individual circumstances. One of my client had been experiencing lots of bullying and harassment at work. Nothing seems to be working in the form of the usual processes and practices in place. It appeared that there was no avenue to escape the suffering. We come across many situations in life where we have no choice or say in what comes at us in the form of various situations, this being one of them. An approach where life may bring on such situations, but it is in our control as to how we respond to them. In the process, we can find a balance between the two extremities and lesson the grief.

Please contact us with your issues and we can work with you to regain the control of your precious life and be happy.

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