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Health, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This definition does not include the word Spiritual. This may be, to some extent, due to present healthcare system we have. Present healthcare is primarily of single dimension in nature. It is all about the body. All research is on body, operation is on body. physiotherapy is on body and the list goes on. Almost all treatments available are on body. However, we are not just humans, neither are we just beings. We are combination of the two, human beings.

The approach towards complete well-being should be holistic. We at, Healthnwellnessmentor, adopt such an option in our coaching process. It is a combination of coaching and sharing the knowledge I gained during my personal experience with mental and physical ailments. It gets very overwhelming with way too much information out there. Be it about exercise or diet or meditation. Meditation figures in many a conversations as the solution to achieving balance in life, living in current fast paced and very turbulent times. We show the path to you through non-prescriptive coaching based on Mind-Body-Medicine concept.

In our coaching process, we first gather important information about you prior to starting the sessions. We use tools like a Health and Well-being Questionnaire or Wheel of Life to get to know the specific issues you have. Based on this information, the first session is conducted which is for about an hour. We discuss specific issues and work towards creating a Vision Statement in your words. We then move on to creating three monthly goals and break them down in small portions as weekly goals. Research shows that it takes about 66 days to form a new habit (source: https://jamesclear.com/new-habit ). Hence, it takes about eight weekly sessions to bring about a change in your circumstances.

It is very important to note that this coaching is not a substitute to Professional Medical advice or assistance. Do not make any changes to your current medications without Professional Medical advice .

Our philosophy is that we all are together as one family in the journey of life which is reflected in our slogan in the logo. “OUR HEALTH OUR WELLNESS”.

Contact us in the first instance and let us work on being together in this journey.

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