Anxiety Management

Let's Be Real... Anxiety Sucks

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about things?

Always think the worst will happen?

Always on edge and never relaxed?

You likely find yourself worrying about little things all the time.

You’re constantly anxious about the future or dwelling on something someone said to you a week ago.

In fact, you might even feel:

  • Lost in negative thoughts.
  • Fatigued.
  • Unable to concentrate due to worry.
  • Always feeling off and never in a good mood.
  • Trouble sleeping.

The truth is, a little bit of worry is normal.

In fact, its a good thing! It keeps us motivated to do things that are most important. 

But if you’re finding yourself routinely afraid, agitated or fearful to the point where it’s affecting your overall happiness and reducing your quality of life, it’s time to do something about it.

This Anxiety Management Program will allow you to take back control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Imagine the feeling of relief as you forget about the things that used to worry you.

Imagine taking control of your negative thoughts, and turning them into positive ones.

Imagine being full of energy and happiness, not allowing anxiety the time or space in your mind.

Get started with a FREE 60-Minute Anxiety Eliminator Coaching Session.

In this no-obligation session, we’ll breakdown your issues with anxiety and develop a tailored plan to help you manage your stresses and worries for the long-term.

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Can You Trust Me With Getting You Results?
Here's What Past Clients have Said

Amira M. Spending Planner

Umesh has a great passion and enthusiasm for helping people experience better physical and mental health and understands what it takes as he has walked the path. I recently had Umesh present at one of my webinars, to help my clients find a sense of peace during the very stressful Covid-19 times. We all left on a positive note and were reminded of how important our thoughts and emotions are to the quality of our well-being.

Ron T. Student

Before having a session with Umesh, I didn't understand how the mind could affect the body at all. Being brought up around western medicine, I was left believing that physical problems were just that - physical problems that had nothing to do with the mind. But through my session with Umesh, I finally understand how stress and anxiety can ultimately destroy not only our mental health, but also our physical health. His deep knowledge and optimism has encouraged me to meditate more, and pay closer attention to my thoughts and emotions. I highly recommend Umesh to anyone looking to improve their quality of life.

Dana K. Brisbane

Umesh is a very kind and compassionate coach. His passion clearly shows throughout the sessions and I love that he is fully present and non-judgemental the entire time with his clients. Umesh is dedicated and determined in making a difference in the lives of others.

Aimee B. Sydney

"The coaching session I had with Umesh was not about a specific issue but general in nature. It was more about understanding his health and wellness coaching modality and his style of his coaching. I found Umesh to be very caring and passionate about helping people understand how our state of mind affects our health and wellbeing in all areas of life. He has lived and breathed what he teaches so it comes from a place of knowing how this all works through personal experience and the amazing changes he created for himself.He clearly explains how our physical ailments impact our mental state and our mental state impacts our physical state. His approach is to go to the root cause of the problem as treating only the symptoms is merely a temporary relief. I highly recommend Umesh to anyone looking to improve their quality of life."

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The Ultimate Guide
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Why Choose Health N Wellness Mentor

Feel calmer and more in control

Life can make you feel trapped and not in control of your actions and outcomes. This can make you feel frustrated, anxious and nervous about the present, past or future. Health N Wellness Mentor can help you get the reigns back on your thoughts so that you can be less stressed and more calm.

Build mental well-being and resilience

Does every negative thing that happen to you feel like an elephant on your shoulder? It’s okay and it’s not your fault. It may just mean that you’re not able to handle your emotions and stresses properly. Health N Wellness Mentor can guide you through the process of building mental well-being and resilience so that you can manage even the most difficult of situations and get the most out of life.

Find happiness and confidence

Gain unwavering confidence and long-lasting happiness. Life doesn’t have to feel like a slog. Imagine waking up every morning excited for the day! Health N Wellness Mentoring will fill you with energy, gratitude, as well as help you with your mission in life.

An easy proven path to lasting results

Backed by thousands of studies, experience the positive results that has transformed hundreds of lives around the world. Health N Wellness Mentor only uses techniques and methods that produce results. So you can focus more on your journey, knowing you’ll be at the right destination.


100% Happiness Guarantee

I promise you that within the first few sessions, you will start feeling welcome change.

Imagine how amazing you’ll feel with your weighing issues finally lifted off your shoulders.

Imagine your sense of accomplishment as we hit your goals month by month.

Imagine finally living life in it’s fullest.

I’m confident that together we can help you achieve those things.

But if you feel like the coaching isn’t for you, that’s okay. I’m so confident that I can improve your quality of life, that you’ll get 100% of your money back if you’re unhappy with the service.

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Manage Your Stress, Anxiety and Mental Well-Being Through a Proven Process

Invest in yourself today with a FREE 60-Minute One-on-One Consultation.

This coaching session has no-obligation for you to commit or sign-up for anything. But what it will give you a unique opportunity to discover a process that will help you reach your goals – big or small.

But you have to be quick!

As much as I love doing these free sessions, there’s only a few spots available each month.

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Free Guide

The Ultimate Guide
to Eliminating Stress