A Single Thought Can Make or Break Our Life. How?

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It is said that on an average, a human being has about 48.6 thoughts per minute (https://www.reference.com/world-view/many-thoughts-per-minute-cb7fcf22ebbf8466), under normal circumstances. This number reduces considerably when our mind is calm, say during meditation. It can also increase a lot when we are experiencing uneasy feelings like anger or fear. In our day to day busy and hectic life, we normally do not pay much attention to the type and quality of thoughts we are having. What we never realise, unless given special attention to, is that every single action we perform using the five sense organs (ears, nose, eyes, skin and tongue) whilst communicating with the outside world, there is an underlying thought behind that action. Thoughts are the very origin of our actions. This process is so natural and is always happening every moment of our life that we fail to appreciate it. You become what you think. This statement is so true that if we always experience constant state of happiness and exuberance, we end up with perfect disease (dis-ease) free state.

Where do these thoughts come from? We need to understand this first before we can work on the quality of thoughts. Thoughts come from mind which is closely connected to the brain at physical level. Though these two are connected functionally, there is a big difference between the two which can be summarised in following words.

A physical organ.Non-physical.
Weighs about 1200 grams.No weight. But can feel heavy with negative thoughts and light with positive thoughts.
Can develop a tumour.Cannot develop tumour, being non-physical.
Can be operated upon.No operation for mind.
Can be damaged due to physical trauma.Can be affected only by mental trauma.

   Source: Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) project at www.3dhealthcare.org

Although mind is a non-physical entity, it has four aspects. Thoughts, Emotions, Attitudes and Memory. It can be abbreviated as TEAM. When our TEAM is positive, we win the match of life. When the TEAM is negative, the match of life is already fixed, and our defeat is certain. As is evident here, thought is the first critical component of the TEAM process. Thought is the seed of every action we perform. Now then the question is whether there is a magic pill for having only good thoughts. The answer is YES. Let us explore it further.

The most important thing to remember here is that medicines are a must when we have either mental or physical health issues. However, the medicines only address our symptoms and not the root cause. There are many options available for addressing the root cause like Yoga, Hypnosis1, Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT), Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)2 and the most popular amongst all of this is Meditation. There are many types of Meditation and is not like one size fits all. It can be as simple as observing the breath or chanting a mantra ‘OM’. How about giving it a go? Think about it and discover what is most relaxing for you3. Meditation calms us down and improves the quality of every single thought we have about anything and everything. Remember, a healthy thought is the key to open the gateway to happy and healthy life.

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